An Action in Vilnius in Solidarity with #BlackMonday Protests in Poland: Message Delivered

by Locomotive.press

Yesterday tens of thousands of people in Poland went out into the streets to protest against the complete ban on abortions which is being pushed by the Catholic lobbyists. In solidarity with the protesters, women’s rights activists and the public held a protest in front of the Polish Embassy in Vilnius. The protesters were chanting “Keep your laws off her body” and held banners which were later attached to the steps of the Polish Embassy. In the response to the complaints from the Polish Embassy, the police arrived and started questioning the remaining protesters. Falsely claiming that the Polish embassy is a territory of Poland, they were accusing the protesters for violating the Polish law by hanging the posters. The policemen were losing arguments even on legal grounds and were not able to cite what laws the protesters were infringing. Finally, the police left and the Polish Embassy staff took the posters with them.

Another action took place in the evening of the same day in Warszawa/Varšuvos Street in Vilnius, where a street sign in two languages – Lithuanian and Polish was recently hung. This location was chosen by the organizers, a group of Polish women, as a link to the events in Poland.

We are sharing some images from the action sites:








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img_8424  img_8430

Images by Locomotive.press and Dārta Treimane

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